Learn about the local products

Products that ripen under the gaze of the Mediterranean sun

The area of ​​Kyparissia (Trifylia Municipality) is defined as "Kallikarpos" (ancient Greek term for "good harvest") and "Kalligefstos." (ancient Greek term for "good taste") often referred to as the "California" of Western Greece. An integral part of the tradition is the diet of the local people and the way they consume and exploit the fruits of their fertile land. But what do the local people actually drink and eat in Trifyllia? The answer is simple. Inhabitants consume products ripen in excellent weather conditions, under the gaze of the Mediterranean sun...

They consume fruits, vegetables, legumes, greens, cheese, while they only use pure olive juice, the unique and irreplaceable oil and of course they only drink the fine wine of Trifyllia area! When American nutritionists visited Greece some years ago, in order to explore the Mediterranean diet they were caught by surprise when they saw the notorious Greek Salad being literally "dipped" in olive oil; back then they were not aware that the actual secret of longevity was hidden somewhere there. Of course long-term surveys managed to prove that minor mortality rates occurring in Mediterranean areas are primarily due to the use of olive oil. So it's about time you had some olive oil spread on your breakfast bread or cracker instead of butter. Doing that you shall discover the healthiest, most delicious and most Mediterranean breakfast ever.