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Alternative Tourism
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Agritourism - Tasting

Visit an organized farm, take a tour, get yourself informed, take part in activities and enjoy a meal.
From 5/11-5/1 Every year you have the opportunity to experience the production process of the world's best oil, which includes harvesting, olive oil extraction using the olive press and oil and olive oil tasting.
From 20/8-30/9 Every year you have the chance to experience the whole wine making process, including the vine harvest and grape maceration, as well as the wine production at the winery. You can also take a tour, get yourself informed and taste cold finger food and wine.

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Thermal Springs

From 1/6-30/11 In the inexhaustible natural beauty of Lake Caiaphas, located at a distance of 28 kilometers from the Kyparissia Hotel, emerge the thermal baths of the area. These spas are famous and recognized for their effectiveness in treating various skin conditions. Lake Caiaphas is a natural paradise of exceptional beauty, where the landscape uniquely combines the amazing nature with the properties of the thermal waters. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy therapeutic baths in a natural environment, considered one of the most beneficial for the skin.